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How does Regular Credit Cards Differ from Store Credit Cards?

The store credit cards are a sub category of regular credit cards. A number of major retail chains are giving out store credit cards all over the world. Obtaining this card from your preferred store will put you in the line of acquiring various kinds of surprise offers, discounts and privileges. However, you will be required to maintain an amount of interest that will come with a number of advantages that you will be entitled to receive. If you have a store card from any preferred retail outlet, you will be treated as loyalty member amongst different available customers. Furthermore, you will be the first one to know about the proposed sales or available special offers.

Understanding the difference between credit card and store credit card

It may be relatively hard to believe, but the credit cards are derived from the store credit cards. As there were no special cards available for this kind of thing in the earlier times, various suppliers and retailers used to provide their trusted and loyal customers the benefit of purchasing items and products on credit. Nonetheless, the customers were required to pay off the amount later over a pre-decided period.


However, presently there are a number of different kinds of credit cards made available for the consumers. It can be confusing for people to understand the difference that lies amongst these cards. Let us determine the differences between regular credit cards and score credit cards.

What are regular credit cards?

A single credit card can be used at a number of outlets. Actually, you can purchase anything with it, provided the retailer accepts payment through credit cards. The credit cards encompass a relatively lower APR rate as compared to store credit cards. You can be offered cash back options in the form of different benefits or fuel points.Do-Not-Use-Credi

What are score credit cards?

These outlet specific cards can only be used at the retailer that has issued the card. For instance, a credit card for toy store cannot be used at any other outlet. Their APR and interest rates can go as high as 30%. The cash backs can be redeemed in the form of different products from the retail outlet, which has actually issued the card.


They may appear the same at times and may even have the same issuers. However, they will differ in terms of functionality. If you are seriously contemplating on opting for a retailer credit card, you should try to gather several minute details about all of them to compare for availing the best deal.

Why to use a store credit card

The first thought that will completely overwhelm your brain prior to actually applying for a retailer credit card will be the amazing amount of discounts you can acquire after obtaining that latest store credit card. Usually, you will opt for a card without taking into accounts all of its prospective implications. If your intention is not to abuse an array of benefits, you should go ahead and obtain it.


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