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What Can You Expect When You Can’t Keep Up Your Storage Bills

Yes, there is no denying that when you need extra storage, renting storage unit is quite advantageous. However, decisions like this come with a price and you need to keep up your storage bills as if not, you will surely face unfavorable situations. You can’t see that they are so cruel as this is expected from any types of business and even if you are the one running a storage facility, you will surely do the same. This is why, if you think you are about to run into monetary problem, you should talk to them beforehand.

You can refer to these tips below in case you already know that you might defer the payment for the following month of your storage bill:

  • When it comes to storage facility delinquents, the law will allow the storage facility owner to auction off their stored items after a specific period of time. But then again, as managers are still human, if you will present your case properly, you might be able to get more time so that you can still get back to the track and your possessions will not end up in the hands of others.
  • As what is mentioned above, once you realized that there is really no way you can pay the storage bill for the following month, you should contact the manager right away and ask him what is the best thing you can do regarding the situation.

  • If by chance you will not just do anything thinking that they will just wait for you to contact me, note that you are wrong in that area because that is not what will happen. Instead, if they won’t hear from their delinquent tenant, they will considered your things abandoned thus they will start dealing with them the way the law allows them to. They will start the process of putting them for auction. This is why, if this is not what you want to happen to your precious possessions, you should do the right thing and talk to them.

So, if you have availed one of the cheap storage units in Oakland, be man enough to face the management of the said storage facility if you think you need to defer the payment for the following month. When talked nicely, there is still a good chance they will give you time.

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