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5 Digital Marketing Tools Your Business Should Be Using

Digital marketing has been around for a long time now (and yet still there is so much to explore and discover) and almost 80% of the businesses implement digital marketing strategies.

 Whether business Return on investment will boost and sales will increase using the strategy mainly depends on the tools you use for exposure and lead generation. If you are using old school strategies then digital marketing might not be that effective for your business as it is for another business with latest technology at hand.  You need to carefully shortlist the keywords, craft the content, target the specific audience and analyze the overall marketing campaign.

Today, we bring to you top 5 digital marketing tools that will help you in efficiently rock the digital marketing world.

  1. Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing is one of the fastest ways to engage your users. And this is why content marketers are focused on optimized content creation that will lure the traffic to website. If you want to identify opportunities to boost your audience CoSchedule and Hubspot. These two tools help in crafting social media posts and blogs that are impactful and focused on audience needs.

  1. Social Media Management Tools

Social media platforms are the easiest and cheapest when it comes to digital marketing. You can run social media campaigns in bulk over Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. But the question would be how will you handle multiple social media accounts together? The answer is Hootsuite! Hootsuite is basically a dashboard that lets you manage multiple campaigns on various platforms and save your time.

  1. Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing has been around since the very beginning of digital marketing. It is the easiest and help you target a wide audience. MailChimp and Iterable are email marketing tools that automate email marketing campaigns automatically. You can see statistics for your campaign as well.

  1. Digital Analytics Tools

Digital Analytics are imperative to business. You need to keep track of the traffic, number of users and websites that are leading them to your website. Moreover, you need to see the impact of your campaigns and how healthy are they in generating the overall traffic. Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights and Periscope are tools that will help you in tracking down the overall traffic and also help in optimizing the campaigns. Periscope in addition will help in tracking down user data and site searches.

  1. Design Tools

How have you designed your marketing campaign plays a vital role in its success. Know that internet users are more focus on visuals rather than text. Hence, focusing on visuals is important. The tools like Canva and Photoshop assist you with designing effective campaigns and do not require deep skills in graphic designing.

Digital media marketing is imperative for your business. Aside from above mentioned tools, you need to focus on the keywords around which the whole campaign is designed and emphasize the optimization of the content accordingly. Whether you are using keyword planner or LSI Graph, Google Analytics or Periscope, and Canva or Photoshop, their effective utilization will determine the campaign success.

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