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Companies Vie to Create the Best Map for Driverless Cars

Self-driving cars are expected to soon populate the streets. However, while they are already on the horizon, companies realise too that in order for them to really become the new norm, they need to be better equipped with tools that ensure driving safety. As such, there is certainly a need for better, more detailed, and more interactive maps other than the one that Google presently provides.

Driverless technology requires a sophisticated map. According to British tech entrepreneur Hassan Sadiq Himex whose work has revolved closely around 3D mapping, sophisticated maps ensure that autonomous vehicles are able to safely navigate the roads. As of the moment leaders in the industry are hard at work in ensuring that Google, while ahead of the rest through its impressive Google maps service that is already in place, is not going to end up hogging all the spotlight.

Besides, there is a need for the maps that will soon be equipped in these driverless cars to be even more sophisticated and detailed than the one that Google is offering. There is a need for a self-driving car to be fed with way more information compared to what human driver would generally need. After all, it will not have the necessary mental capacity that humans have that allows them to make micro decisions while they are driving on the road. This is the reason high definition cameras and various sensors are being used to help chart byways and highways.

Apparently, Google is presently working on a project concerning 3D mapping that aims to capture the many possible landscape hazards that vehicles may encounter when on the road in better and greater detail. It is expected that the project will go beyond what is presently available in Google Maps. However, it should be noted that this new project is distinct from that of Waymo’s which are high-definition maps.

There is also a need for maps that will be equipped on self-driving cars to be updated quite frequently. It is necessary for these autonomous vehicles to  be made aware if there are temporary obstacles, new roads, or construction projects that are going on to ensure that they will not end up getting taken by surprise of these unexpected developments and changes. There are companies that are presently developing these autonomy vehicle-friendly maps that are trying to consult user data to help them update their maps.

As technology concerning self-driving vehicles evolves, it is expected that better and more detailed information will be acquired concerning what the vehicles will really need in order for them to operate. It is hoped that these new data will help find the best method in the production of the required maps.

It is expected, however, that whoever will emerge as the top pick supplier of these modern, sophisticated 3D maps for driverless vehicles is expected to earn a huge paycheque. After all, if these self-driving cars will indeed take off as they are expected to, the industry will be critically reliant on these maps in order to produce their units. Needless to say, competition is undoubtedly going to be fierce. Learn more about maps for driverless cars and how they are developed by reading tech entrepreneur Hassan Sadiq Himex online.

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