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Growing Pains – 4 Signs You Need a Bigger Office

Making your workplace as comfortable as possible for your employees is vitally important. They spend most of their waking life at work, if you provide them with a productive environment, your business will flourish. Even if your current workplace provides enough room, it still may be time to move on to greener pastures. You might want to consider taking a look at a serviced office space.

  1. Space is at a Premium

If you find you’re struggling for space and you’ve employees crammed into rooms like sardines in a can, you might want to move on and find a more appropriate setting. You’ll find quality serviced offices in Sydney CBD for affordable rates that cater for your every need. When staff are fighting over desk space and arguments erupt over minor issues, it is time to find somewhere new. As the boss, you must provide adequate space for your workers. If you continue to allow them to work in a crowded environment, you’ll soon run into major problems.

  1. It’s a Mess

Trying to get from one side of the office to another is like tackling an obstacle course. The place is crammed with all types of office furniture and there is wire snaking its way across every inch of the floor. Although some of your employees may enough a Tough Mudder event, not all of them like to test themselves on a daily basis. If you get a visit from the local Health & Safety Inspector, they won’t be too happy with the state of your office. Serviced office providers in Sydney offer modern, clean facilities that dramatically improve productivity.

  1. The Surface is Out of Sight

If you can no longer see any of the surfaces in your office, it is definitely time to move on. Take a look around the place, do you see files on top of filing cabinets? Are the shelves crammed with documents? Are there boxes of files on cupboards? If the answer is yes, you need to reconsider your workplace setting. While most offices get cluttered, working in an environment where you struggle to see the surface of desks, tables and any other office equipment is no good for you or your employees.

  1. Meetings are Held Off-Site

Your local coffee shop has become your meeting room, you simply don’t have enough space to conduct a meeting with your employees or even clients. If this is the case, you should take a look at serviced offices in the city. Meeting in a coffee show is fine for casual appointments, but it looks highly unprofessional if you are discussing something important and you need privacy. To avoid this, rent a bigger place or use a serviced office.

We often get so busy with work commitments that we forget to look around and assess our current setting. If you notice the issues in this article relate to you, maybe it is time to look at renting a bigger space or going for something like a serviced office. Serviced offices have many advantages over traditional space, including short-term rentals and flexibility.




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