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How Can Telephone Interpreter Services Assist Your Business?

It is a known fact that there are countless languages spoken in the world. After all, there are over 7 billion people in the world and more are born each minute. In fact, out of all the 6,500 languages that are spoken across the world, there are 4,500 that are spoken by more than 1,000 people. In the majority of the world, however, the most commonly accepted official language is English. This can pose trouble for people who are not fluent in English and need to speak to a representative at a company. There are usually a few people in the office who might have a second language, but there’s always a chance of someone not knowing the language needed to answer a call. This can severely damage a company’s international reputation. That being said, there are services that are designed for this specific scenario. One of the most helpful services that you can use is a telephone interpreter service.

What Is a Telephone Interpreter Service?

As the name of the service might suggest, a telephone interpreter will interoperate what is being said over the telephone. When you begin to look into telephone interpreter services from Ezispeak, you might be surprised to learn what telephone interpreters can accomplish. For starters, there are over 2,000 interpreters who can speak a combined total of 160 languages. This can boost your company’s international reputation significantly. If you are still wondering how a telephone interpreter service works exactly, read on.

What Can a Telephone Interpreter Do?

Telephone interpreters can offer a large variety of services for your business. For example, there are interpreters who can work on demand, every day, all day. This means that no matter what time zone someone may be calling from, they will be able to benefit from a telephone interpreter. There are two major ways that telephone interpreters can work with you and your business. They can work beside the recipient of the call and help translate what the caller is saying for the recipient of the call. They can also connect directly to the non-English speaker and speak to that person directly.

Each method has its benefits over the other. Speaking with the interpreter present beside you will have the risk of information being lost in the translation. This is simply human error, and it can occur by mistake; however, the client might not know vital information. On the other hand, the client will be able to speak directly to a representative of the company who knows exactly where to direct problem if the message gets across clearly. When the client talks to the telephone interpreter directly, there is very little information lost in translation, meaning that the client can get more information about the company. However, since the interpreter is not a member of your company, they might not know specific details that could possibly help the client. Regardless, being able to speak to a client from another country without a language barrier can easily improve the reputation of your business, especially on an international scale. This is generally a good thing for nearly every kind of business.

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