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LH-Crypto by Larson&Holz broker – Quality Service for Every Trader

We continue the review of Larson&Holz, and today we will look at a list of options whose functions were changed several years ago. On the official website they are presented as unique options. And our task is to understand how unique they are.

Let’s start with the first option – input and output of funds. It should be noted that the financial department has developed two ways to replenish the balance of the account, and two ways to withdraw funds. The first method, manual replenishment, that is, the input of funds. This includes replenishment by bank transfer. But it should be borne in mind that bank transfers, and in general, such transactions are checked and registered. Therefore, the money on the balance of the account will appear only after 3 days. This is the schedule, and nothing can be done about it. But reliably. Well and replenishment through electronic payment systems and aggregators occurs in an automatic mode. Thus, the funds on the balance sheet will appear in a few minutes. As for the commission, it depends on the payment system used by the client. At bank transfers the commission is more, as the transaction passes check by employees of bank. In the case of electronic payment systems, the commission is approximately 0.2-0.3%. Well, now consider the process of withdrawal of funds. As in the first case, the bank transfer is made in manual mode. In principle, the reasons listed above. But the amount that can be entered and output by this method is unlimited. The output to electronic systems is fully automatic. As for EPS, each of them has its own limitations. Before you replenish the account balance, it will be a good idea to get acquainted with the rule that Larson&Holz has established. The withdrawal of funds is made only for payment systems or details that are indicated when registering a personal cabinet. Or they were changed after registration. But the first payment can be ordered only after the three trading lots have been worked out. Not less. An alternative option for electronic payment systems is $ 100. This is the minimum amount. For bank transfers is unlimited.

The next unique option is no-deposit Forex. There is really no such option for any broker. Than this option is unique. For example, a client opens a no-deposit account. The brokerage company replenishes it for 100 dollars. This is a real account with real money. Now the client can trade without fear of losing his own. You do not even need to enter your own money. We work for the company’s money. And that’s interesting. The customer picks up the profit. Well, the company picks up its $ 100 back. And the customer is good, and the company. The company did not lose anything. And the client even got it. This option is really unique. Moreover, the broker does not impose restrictions on trade. As you wish, so trade. Love scalping, scalp. Prefer to close at the end of the day, close. Claims from the company will not be. But it should be understood that the client’s property is only profit. The higher the profit, the better. It is also necessary to remember that a client can register only one no deposit account. If the trade was unsuccessful, and the money was merged, the client can open a new no-deposit account in only three days. Thus, Larson&Holz encourages customers to act.

Another interesting option is contests. Brokerage competitions now no one is surprised, since they are conducted with an enviable regularity. But the prizes for the winners are another matter. Typically, brokers give no more than $ 1,000 as a prize. But the company Larson&Holz decided not to limit itself to standard rules and prizes. 10 000 dollars. Yes, this is the winner of the contest. Participate in all accounts, which at the time of the opening of the contest were in the green zone. That is, in profit. Accounts with negative indicators in the competition do not participate. They do not naturally enter the rating table. At the beginning of the month the competition starts, and at the end of the month it closes. The results are summed up. The winner is announced who will receive the prize money. The contest is interesting because all traders can participate in it, regardless of the date of registration, or from the profitability of the trading account.

No less interesting option is the rating of successful traders according to the company’s version. Now beginning traders can ask their question to their more experienced colleagues. You can discuss with them the upcoming economic news. There is a general chat on the website of Larson&Holz. But for those who prefer privacy, there is the possibility of communication in private mail. This function is so good that beginners can consult with each other. The rules prohibit obscenities on the basis of racism, insults to other participants in communication and other improper attacks.

For experienced traders who sell large amounts, the company provided additional options. One of them is Forex Family. Now professional traders are provided with additional conditions. This is a market spread of 1 point. Accrual of interest on trading accounts. Multicurrency accounts and the quality of execution of trade orders. Registration of NDD accounts, which are known to have a clear advantage over standard accounts.

There are other interesting and unique options. They can be found on the company’s website.

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