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Reasons Why Lebanon Is a Hot Spot for New Residents

Over the last five years, there has been a demand for property in Lebanon, as seen through price inflation in the local real estate market. Awarded one of the top places to visit and live by multiple award-winning newspapers, there are quite a few reasons why property in Lebanon is like gold in today’s real estate market.

Rich in History

Both the ancient and recent history of Lebanon has shaped the country into what it is today. Through archaeological digs, historians have proved that some of the oldest inhabited cities in the world are found right in Lebanon. Cities like Byblos and Tyre with still-standing castles were once home to the Phoenicians, including the many deities that people still fear today.


There are more than five Lebanon property locations in the UNESCO’s Heritage books, despite only stretching across an area 10,400 square kilometers. Though it is smaller than the borders of most states in America, Lebanon still packs a powerful punch of history. Currently, the country is peaceful; living harmoniously in synchrony with others around them. Because of this, travelers are continuously flocking toward Lebanon to live in a land saturated with rich history.

Food and Wine Culture

Foreigners flock to Lebanon because of their rich cultural cuisine. Lebanon is known for their delicious and decadent Arabic street food like hummus and maftoul. Foods that are bland in other countries, like yogurt, are positively divergent in Lebanon. Using embellishments like sea salt and varying natural oils, yogurts like labneh have a distinct taste that drives locals wild and pulls travelers in.

Musical Adventures in the Summer

The music scene in Lebanon is extremely diverse in the summer time, welcoming famous artists of many different genres from around the world. Downtown Beirut is especially popular during the summer, featuring hip-hop enthusiasts at clubs and avant-garde musical adventures at the various casinos in the area. No matter which district travelers congregate towards, music finds a way into their hearts.

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After the war ended in 1990, music became a healer for those affected in the area. Pop-rock music has served as a trailblazing medic to locals, bringing the community closer together through melodic relief and harmonious gatherings.

Diversity in Nature

Beyond the man made facets of Lebanon like food and entertainment venues, there is a natural beauty in Lebanon’s scenery. Because of the varying sea-levels, vacationers and the Lebanese can enjoy skiing in the mountains and immediately swim in the Mediterranean right after. The landscape’s diversity in such a small area draws travelers from all across the globe. Travelers are hard-pressed trying to find a more versatile terrain than that of Lebanon, which is why so many nationals seek out property purchases in the area.

Those drawn in by the scenery have taken a liking to the hiking trails that allow them to see Lebanon from a bird’s eye view. Hiking trails, like Jabal Mousa and Tannourine, bring hikers so far up in elevation, that they begin to feel small and thus obtain a greater appreciation of the little things in life. Hundreds of miles of untouched land drown the eyes and fulfill the wanderlust of travelers, causing a craving to move closer to nature. The beauty of the environment and local culture are just two of the many reasons Lebanon has become a hotspot for property buyers within the last five years.

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