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The Pros And Cons Of Pier And Beam Foundation At A Glance!

A pier-and-beam foundation is different from a slab foundation, because it doesn’t sit on the ground. A few decades back, pier and beam foundations were quite common, but owing to a few disadvantages, the concept was quickly replaced by slab foundations. In this post, we will talk about the pros and cons of pier and beam foundations.

The pros

  • For many regions, pier and beam foundation is an ideal and only choice. Slab foundations are not ideal for areas that don’t have stable soil or have frequent flooding issues. With pier and beam foundation, it is possible to make homes, even when the climatic and topographical factors are not in favor.

  • Since the foundation sits above the ground, there is decent space, which can be used to store the plumbing and electrical units. Depending on the structure, the area underneath the structure can be used effectively to minimize use of land on the exteriors for other units or storage segments.
  • Repairing pier and beam foundations is much easier, which is one of the many benefits. It is easy to access the structure, and hence, the repairs can be done effectively and for a much lesser cost. You can check online to find contractors who deal in pier and beam foundation repair and can offer an estimate for free.

On the flip side

  • The upfront costs with pier and beam foundations can be extremely high, especially when you compare the price with slab foundations. Basically, you are elevating the house above the actual surface, and that kind of construction comes for a premium.
  • Homeowners buying homes with pier and beam foundations also have concerns like moisture issues, bouncy floors and lack of adequate ventilation. If you have wooden floors, you may have additional things related to termites to worry about.

  • Also, pests and rodents may make home underneath the main structure, so you may have to spend on pest control more frequently. The design of the house must be extremely well-done, or else, additional issues may come up, especially when you choose to sell the house.

Nevertheless, pier and beam foundations are still popular in many parts of the world. If you have a home with that kind of foundation, you can always keep a check on the basic aspects. Get the repairs done in time, so that you don’t have to pay huge for later, especially for the foundation problems.

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