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Things to Focus on when Buying Boat Davits

If you have a large boat for fun weekends, then certainly you will also want to have a dinghy. You will want to place it at a place from where you can easily control it. With the help of a boat davit, you can easily store the dinghy in your boat and manoeuvre it easily. However, not every boat davit can fulfil your needs and requirements.

It does not matter if you have a yacht for picnic or a large ship for commercial fishing, in both the cases your dinghy will have your friends or crew in it and their safety is the most important factor. The compatibility of the dinghy and lifeboats are essential or else your main ship’s core foundations can be damaged.

Suppose, you have bought a cheap davit that is not enough to lift your dinghy and you are off to a different city and as you have to use your dinghy, your davit doesn’t work. You are now stranded in an unfamiliar place and have to search for someone who can figure out the solution, thereby ruining your whole trip. In order to save yourself from such incidents, you have to think about a number of factors before buying a boat davit.

Capacity of the Crane:

Before buying a davit, you will need to consider the weight of everything that is in your dinghy even the fuel in it. Measure the maximum possible weight of your dinghy and then look for a crane that can lift it up in the air. You may think that you can check the weight on the dinghy’s manual but you can never be sure. You do not know exactly how the weight of the dinghy was measured and if it took in account the weight of the motor and the fuel.

So it is better to be careful and weigh the dinghy yourself. After figuring out the weight, you can settle for a 20% ratio. Suppose, your dinghy’s total weight is 400 KG, then you will want a davit system that has a crane lifting a minimum load of more than 500 KG. Sometimes, you will want your dinghy to be lifted by another boat that has the same size as your boat and you might be tempted to use that boat’s davit system for your dinghy. This practice can bring you trouble as that boat may have a crane that is less capable to handle the weight of your dinghy.

Electrical Network:

A davit contains electrical equipment. When a motor powers a pump in the davit then it gives the winches electrical capability to work. If you possess a larger ship, then you would need a davit system that has electric hydraulic pumps. But how much electricity is involved here? We are talking about 145 to 185 amperes and 12 volts. Therefore, your electrical network has to be powerful and strong.

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